Prescription sunglasses or contacts/regular sunglasses?

Hi! My name is Laurie. I’m 18 years old, and I’m about to start flight training. I got glasses for the first time a couple months ago, just before visiting the AME, and I am going to be required to wear corrective lenses to fly. I know I’ll need a good pair of sunglasses for flying, and I’m curious if anyone can provide some input on this. Would you recommend getting contacts and using regular sunglasses, or would you recommend getting prescription sunglasses?

It’s really personal preference! I preferred contacts with sunglasses just because it seemed like the simplest solution. If you’re not a fan of contacts, which some aren’t, maybe the prescription sunglasses will be better. However, it’s more expensive to go that route and carry both the sunglasses and your regular glasses for indoor study time.



I carry two pairs of glasses, both prescription and prescription sunglasses. I do not see switching back and forth to be a big deal, but to each their own.


Hi Laurie,

It depends on if you like contacts or glasses mostly. However, during training there will be an instrument phase where you are required to wear a “view limiting device”. There are a few different types of these devices but not all are compatible with glasses. So with contacts you have more options on those devices.

As you are new to the corrective lenses world, I would suggest trying both and seeing what you prefer.