Presential classroom, Foreflight purchase

Hi Everyone!

I have a few questions:

  1. I see that are a lot of videos to watch which I think is great to watch as many times we want. So is there any presential classroom or are they in Zoom (Elevate) only?

  2. I got a 30 day trial for Foreflight and I see that there are 3 plans Basic($120), Pro($240) and Performance($360). Which one do I need to have when starting classes (I believe Pro)? Should I buy it just a day before my classes?

Thanks in Advance!

Just don’t go basic. I did and I think it would have helped having a more powerful version. I’db but it like a week before class just to make sure there aren’t any snags.



Thanks for reaching out for some advice regarding Elevate’s/Classroom material and ForeFlight.

  1. There are a lot of resources that ATP provides to students, Elevate’s (which you’ve found), Guided Independent Study modules, and documents that will help you during your studies and activities in the airplane. For presentational classroom grounds, I have been seeing an increase in training centers doing group grounds - where an instructor will put an event on for a timeblock (maybe bad weather forecasted) or just in general for any student to come and sit, to help those that are looking. A big trend we have in our training center at Trenton is we like to get our Commercial students involved and presenting material that could help a Private and Instrument student since CFI Academy is next. Getting their hands wet as early on is probably the most beneficial things you can do. Obviously with these Commercial students is we have an instructor there to mediate and monitor the discussion and help out when needed; It’s great for everyone. On a rainy day once, I seen 20 people in our training center with three different discussions going on at once: Seminole ground, Private and Instrument ground.

  2. I think the Basic is decent to start out, especially for your Private phase. During your Private you really won’t be using ForeFlight as much as you will in Instrument. During Instrument I strongly encourage upgrading to at least the Pro version; When upgrading they discount the days left from your current version while upgrading. It really depends what you want to do, during your Private training you will be more visual outside, you should really have your ForeFlight for situational awareness during your early stages, but not too deep into it where you’re briefing an “Approach Plate.”




  1. You will have in person ground with your instructor to supplement the self study you do with the elevate videos. Plus like Brady said, many locations organize group grounds. Also, some of the elevate videos are led by ATP instructors in real time as well as those that are recorded to watch over as many times as you like. You will definitely have lots of support in terms of ground lessons.

  2. You can start with the basic or just jump right to Pro. Either way you’re spending the same amount of money since you just pay the difference if you upgrade. I recommend having pro for the instrument phase. There are a few features you get though the pro plan only that help with your situational awareness in the instrument phase. For example, the gps positioning on the approach plate. You can see where you are in relation to the approach, hold, etc.



Just adding my vote to the topic. Basic is all you need. It is the nuts and bolts of the software, but I vote Pro if you can afford it. No judgement if you want to buy basic though. It gets the job done.


Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your replies! ATP requires that I have those apps running on the 1st day at school and there is a discount of 33.33% for students. Thanks again!