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So I’m a nineteen year old girl and I’ve always been fascinated by planes. After one year of community college, i’ve decided to take up a career in aviation, more specifically a commercial airline pilot. However much of the research my family and I have done on the topic suggested that i’d have been better off going into the military then retiring into a pilot position. Since I don’t see myself as being fit for the military, are my chances of becoming a successful pilot limited due to the fact that I have no prior military or any aviation experience whatsoever? Will my age or gender have any effect on those chances?


The majority of airline pilots have no military experience, including all of the mentors on this website.

Age and gender really do not matter, the industry has moved past all of that.

Take a look at the FAQ section as there is a lot of good information there.


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Not sure where you and your family have been researching but for nearly 50 years the vast majority of airline pilots have come from the civilian ranks, not the military.

As Chris said you should check out our FAQ section and unless you’re about to turn 65, the age of mandatory retirement, it’s not a factor.