Private Pilot Knowledge Test

I am currently taking the PPKT while at school to become a UAV operator. I am extremely interested in becoming an airline pilot. Once I complete the PPKT, what are my options as far as funding. I am active duty military so I assume there is something out there to help with the cost of flight time?


There are no loans or grants available for flight training so most people turn to student loans. As active duty military you may be able to use your VA benefits to pay for flight training. That said the VA only allows the benefits to be used at Part 141 schools. While there are many fine 141 schools they are forced to stick to a very rigid timeline and therefore take considerably longer to complete (years vs months). That extra time can end up costing you many times more than the cost of training over your career which is why many pilots don’t go that route (you can however still use your benefits for check ride fees).


Thank you very much for the response. That’s what I was afraid of too.