Private Pilot Licence Help

Hello everyone i recently went on my discovery flight in the cheetah with a flight school and i loved it! I need help trying to figure out what do i need to do next though of course they want me to start fly asap and their ground school is only every Saturday from 10am to 12pm but it cost $179. I need to know the proper steps to take. I know i need to get my medical and obtain a student pilot licence first but as far as the written test goes. Should i study for the written test first then start flying with the instructor or do both at the same time? Also what does everyone recommend for a self study aspect. I have purchased the Gleim - Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test 2018 Edition book off of amazon and i am going to buy the Sporty’s Study Buddy™ Android Aviation App (Private Pilot). Do you think this would be enough study material to pass the 60 question exam or should i purchase those pricey $200+ bundles?


First off if you look at the top of the screen you’ll clearly see the ATP logo so obviously we have some bias as far as training goes. Now if you’re only interested in getting you Private than your local school is fine and yes the Gleim and Sporty’s Study Buddy should be fine for taking the written. If however you have any aspirations to become a professional pilot than you should seriously consider training full-time at a professional academy like ATP. Trying to piece it together at the local flight school will inevitably cost you time and money and also effect your career.



If you are going to train at a local school, these are questions that you should be asking them as they inevitably have their own program. I would recommend taking their ground school, you cannot possibly learn to fly from an app.

As Adam said, if being a professional pilot is your goal, I would recommend finding a large flight school that turns out professional pilots, not one that teaches dentists how to get their private license.


thank you for the help!