Private Pilot Test


I’m working through all my King’s School videos and I have a couple questions about the actual written exam. It is my understanding that the test will be on the computer. The King’s instructors always have charts and diagrams that they blow up on the screen. They mark and draw on these charts and diagrams and measure with them. Will we have paper copies of these charts and diagrams that we can draw on or we are supposed to hold stuff up to the computer screen during the test? And if it’s purely computer-based, how can we draw lines and mark parts of these diagrams?

Will a flight computer be provided to us? What about a super basic calculator?

Thank you in advance.

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You should be provided with a paper based manual for the exam that will have charts, tables, etc in it.

You will need to bring your own flight computer, which you should purchase for your own use anyways. Do not get an app for your phone as you will not be allowed to use that in the exam.



Does the starter pack from ATP come with a flight computer?


No however the apps you’ll use with the iPad have E6B functions but no iPads in the test centers so you’ll still need to buy one.


Thanks guys. I’ll get one now.

Just to double check, is there anything else other than the flight computer, I need to bring with me?

No, you will need to purchase one. I recommend getting both an electronic and a manual one.

Someone on amazon mentioned you can use Sportys electronic flight computer on the test. Can anyone verify this?

Also, does an e6b include a plotter or that is something I have to buy separately?

Yes, the Sporty’s electronic flight computer is approved for test taking.

A plotter is something completely different and you will need to purchase one of those as well.

Would I be able to use the electronic computer on my check ride as well?

Would I ever need the paper computer for anything if I bought the electronic one?

The ATP Training bundle does come with a manual e6b and a plotter…

ATP Training Bundle

When you schedule your program, ATP will send you the following training materials. Check your packing list and contentsagainst the list below. Bring everything to the training center on your start date. Learn more about the ATP Training Bundle.

  • ATP Training Supplements:
    • Cessna 172 Training Supplement
    • Piper Archer Training Supplement
    • Cross-Country Flight Planning Supplement
    • Piper Seminole Training Supplement
    • Crew Procedures Training Supplement
    • ForeFlight & Chart Training Supplement
  • FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) / Practical Test Standards (PTS):
    • Private Pilot
    • Instrument
    • Commercial
    • Flight Instructor Single-Engine
    • Flight Instructor Multi-Engine
    • Flight Instructor Instrument
  • Gear:
    • Manual Flight Computer
    • Rotating Azimuth Plotter
    • Pilot Logbook
    • ATP Flight Crew Backpack
    • 5× ATP Dri-Fit Polo shirts
  • FAA Handbooks:
    • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
    • Airplane Flying Handbook
    • Instrument Flying Handbook
    • Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
  • Oral Exam Guides:
    • Private
    • Instrument
    • Commercial
    • CFI


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Awesome, thanks man. When you were studying for private pilot, how did you do the practice questions that required measurement? Were you holding the plotter up to the computer screen? What about drawing lines?

I took my tests while enrolled in the program. So, if I had any questions, my CFI was there to teach me. If you’re studying prior to your start date, just memorize the answers for now. Make a list of questions as you go. Then, ask your questions after you’re enrolled.


Thanks for the correction, Tory.

Are the kings schools questions verbatim from the actual test as well? For some reason I thought that was just Sheppard.

I was gonna use sportys study buddy as well. Are those practice questions literally the exact same as the actual test and I just need to memorize the correct answer?


My understanding is that King, Sheppard Air, and Sporty’s all use verbatim test questions from the FAA database. So yes, just memorize the correct answers.


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What about a calculator? Is that allowed in the test room?


Calculators and electronic E6Bs are allowed but they will pull the batteries to erase any memory first.


Sorry for bringing back an old topic, but I’ve been using a pencil to draw the line on my e6-b and it just doesn’t show up very well. Any tips on what to use to draw the lines for wind calculations? I’ve tried using a wax based and a fine tip dry erase, but both produce too thick of a line.

I just use a regular black/blue ink pen to place a dot at where the wind speed is, rather than draw a whole line. Easily comes off with a wet tissue.

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