Private written exam score

I am starting the fast track program on Monday. I wanted to get the Private Knowledge exam done before starting so I took it today. I have been studying really hard the last few weeks and felt confident going into it. As I was about to hit the finish button on the exam the program crashed. I called the proctor in and she had to make a few calls because she had never had this happen before. After about 30 minutes of turning the computer on and off and restarting the internet connection, she was able to print the exam report card. She was unsure if it saved all of my answers, but since I had a score of 75% she said I didn’t need to worry about it since it’s passing. When I got home I looked up the codes of questions I missed and most of those questions were towards the end of the exam and I felt confident I had the correct answers on most of them. There were about 3 questions on the exam where I didn’t feel confident in my answer.

Is having a low score on the exam going negatively affect my future career as a pilot? The test cost $175 and I can’t afford to spend another $175 to retake it, but at the same time, I am embarrassed by the score.


Technically 75% is passing, but I would just retake it when you have the money. I know that you’ll have to pay for the test again, but you have time to find funds. At the end of the day it’s only a small investment in the grand scheme of things.


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I’m going to say no you’re fine. It will not affect your future. The airlines won’t know and really don’t care. My only caution is when your examiner sees that score be prepared for a VERY thorough oral exam. They know the written is the easy part and with a low score they’re going to want to make sure you’ve gone back and studied. Do well and continue to do so and you’ll be fine.



I personally would retake the exam. I realize money is tight, but that is a very low score and could set you up for one heck of an oral exam.



As another option, you could take your test at a PSI facility where it costs $109. Click HERE for their website. Is not much of a difference, but you can still save a little bit.