What if you know you want to get your private license but are not sure you want to go forward with career training. How can you start for your private pillow license ? Also is there training provided in Tacoma , WA area?


If all you’re looking to do is seek your Private PILOT License, you need to find a local flight school at an airport nearby you. I’m not from the Washington area, but I am sure there are tons of flight schools if you did a Google Search.

Your first step will be finding a local flight school and then taking an Introductory Lesson. From there it will be up to you if you’d like to continue and learn to fly. Ground school courses can be done at certain flight schools or online, depending on where you go. I recommend reaching out to your local flight school for more information on that.



ATP only offers the accelerated airline career pilot program so if you’re not committed to that, start with just your private elsewhere. As Brady said, a simple
Google search should help you find local flight schools in your area. Make sure you can fly at least 2-3 times a week to make good forward progress without wasting money. Also feel free to review the link below. Chris wrote a great guide to help you in your research finding the right school:

Of course we are here for any questions. If you decide that becoming an airline pilot is what you want to do, you can always start at ATP credit private.



If you choose you want to continue beyond PPL, there is an ATP training center at Tacoma Narrows.

The WA locations require a PPL. So you’ll have to get your PPL at a local school either way.