Professional Leave Program with Skywest

Hi, I am currently employed with skywest airlines as a customer service agent. They have a program called PRO which is a leave of absence for employees to take time off for two years to have a career in flying… Has anyone done that through ATP or know of it? Has it worked for them? Thank you!


You mean this program?

@JLascomb, any insight?


no, it is a leave for employees already working for skywest called PRO. I have heard about the pilot pathway program too, if you have any insights on that it would be helpful too! Thank you

I don’t. Others might. Hopefully they chime in. Have you talked to someone at SkyWest?


Hey Wynnae - I was a pilot recruiter for SkyWest up until just a few months ago when I left for my major airline. PRO definitely exists. I know people have taken advantage of it in the past and come back to SkyWest as pilots. But to be honest, I can’t tell you the details of it. I know it was only created just a year or so ago, so the people who first did it, will only just be coming back. There may not be many to talk to quite yet. I believe you maintain seniority for everything except for bidding (so flight benefits, bonuses, etc). I’d call HQ and see if they can direct you to someone with better info. It’ll probably be HR in the Recruiting department that knows best. If you need specific names, feel free to PM me. But you should be able to get a hold of someone if you just go through the main number. Good luck!

Wonderful! Thank you so much for the information!