Program completed

6.5 months start to finish for the 40 hr program(credit private) Today I completed the program, with zero checkride failures. The program delivered exactly as advertised. I didn’t spend a penny more than the published price. It has yet to sink in. I’ve opted to take a week off before starting to instruct, a much needed break. For anyone considering this program, know that it can be done, regardless of your age or your background. What really matters is your determination, and your ability to make training a priority. It takes self control and hard work, but let me tell you, there is no better feeling than realizing your own potential. Thank you to the mentors on this site, as well as others who have otherwise encouraged and helped me along the way.



That is fantastic news! I am so glad to hear that you did so well in the program and were pleased. Thanks for the update.

Think of us as your mentors for life. We are happy to provide input as you instruct, apply to the airlines, etc.

Congrats again and welcome to the ranks of professional aviation!


Congrats and kudos Robert! Nice job and nice review of your experience.

Enjoy your time off, you earned it!


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Well done Robert! Getting through the program that quickly and unscathed is
impressive. Thank you for sharing!

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