Psel pass

Hello everyone,

                  Just want to share my experience, 

Took my PSEL check ride this morning, and passed, I am officially a Private Pilot,
such and amazing feeling, still waiting for it to fully sink in.
I started April 3rd and here I am, excited to continue, and keep learning and becoming a more proficient pilot.
Thank you to everyone that has helped make this happen for me,
My instructors, the mentors, and all of you out there that share their experiences that help all of us.
This is a great program, but as with life, you get back what you put in.
Work hard, ask questions, make your next flight better than the one before it. Happy flying everyone, and thank you.


Great job Kristopher! And thank you for sharing your success with us.

That’s the thing about ATP. There’s not much of a transition between one
phase to the next to celebrate and enjoy the privileges of a new rating or
certificate. I felt the same way as you. It will all be worth it in the end

Congrats Kris and thanks for the update! Seriously MAJOR accomplishment! You are now a PILOT and that’s a wonderful thing! Enjoy it!



That is fantastic, congratulations! Thanks for the update.


Congratulations man! As Tory mentioned there isn’t much time between now and the next phase to fully appreciate what you’ve accomplished, try to take a minute and process it and celebrate this milestone. Not many people have done what you’ve done. Use this positivity to fuel the next step of your program, and if you can believe it, it keeps getting better! Nicely done.

Thanks so much everyone,
the kinds words are such
a great way to start the day,
I appreciate it, I surly do.