QOL change at age 54

Hi all,
This is a soul searching question. I have just over 1500 TT and am interviewing soon with a regional. I love flying and want to challenge myself at the next level.
But I admit I am very accustomed to the home life my office job gives me. I am off and at home every evening, weekend, and holiday. I will of course have to get over that and let it go to make this change. I don’t hate my current job, but I sure don’t love it. Mindless desk jockey work to keep it short.

I know this is an individual choice thing, but has anyone been through anything similar?

Thanks so much!

Andy - I do not have any similar experiences, but as someone a few years younger than you that is considering making the leap to being a pilot, I would be very interested to hear about your experience interviewing with a regional and how (if at all) your age affects the process. Best of luck with this!



The airlines are very unique in this aspect. While there are obviously other jobs that involve travel, travel is what we do. I think it’s safe to say regardless of where new pilots are coming from flying for an airline is going to be a transition. Truth is some people love it, others don’t but at 54 you should have some idea which you are?


Hi Andy,
I was a flight attendant for over a decade. It’s a lifestyle, one that sometimes requires weekends and holidays working but also allows block bidding and taking a stretch of days off that the corp world cant give you without dipping into your vacation time. I eventually resigned as a flight attendant because I wanted to be challenged and was craving stability in the 9-5 environment. That transition was interesting. When do people go to the bank? pick up their dry-cleaning, etc? Anyhow - I adjusted and flourished in the 9-5 because that is what was required. But here I am - seeking the airline life now as a pilot. I’d suggest consulting your family and friends - the ones that you may be missing during those weekends, evenings, and holidays and see how they feel about it. Their support and flexibility may encourage you to take the leap, or solidify your decision not to.

Thanks Deborah. I agree totally regarding family support. I am very fortunate and certainly have that. My wife is super supportive despite my fence riding!

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Honestly, I am not sure if this is a good career one for you or not. If you are somebody who enjoys being home every day, I can guarantee that you will not have that at the airlines. What is it about the flying career that has you itching to want to make the jump?


Fair point, Chris. Thank you for your honesty. I don’t have to be home every day. I just don’t want to be gone “all the time”, which I realize isn’t an accurate picture either.
To your question, I want to know that I can be a good pilot on a jet. So corporate flying is also on the table. But flight benefits for my wife and myself would also be nice.

Hi William,
I read your post from two years ago and since I am in kind of a similar situation at the moment, I was wondering how you are doing at the moment. Did you finish your training and the 1500 hours and dit you find a job at your airline of choice?
How did you experience being little bit older compared to most students? Were there also some advantages for you, being older? Since you are already holding a degree, did you still needed to get a Bachelor in Aviation?
Lots of questions, but I am super excited to have found you here and to get in touch.
Thank you very much, Kristian


Not sure where William is as it’s 2yrs since his post but as the resident old guy I can answer a few of your questions.

I do believe there are advantages being an older student. The program is very challenging and takes dedication and commitment. When I went through it there were a few younger people who really didn’t get that and didn’t do so well. This program is very reliant on self study and motivation and if you’re doing this at an older age you probably have that.

There is no need to get an aviation degree if you already hold a bachelor’s in anything. Aviation degrees are neither desired nor required.

Hopefully William will jump in but regardless feel free to ask any and all questions you have.