In 2016 I was in the naval flight program but washed out. I had approximately 20 hours of student flying and completed my solo which was flying the pattern and doing two “touch and gos” and a final landing in a Cessna 172.

I got a DUI misdemeanor in 2017. This caused me to receive a General Discharge under honorable conditions. I did have a couple of speeding tickets which are no longer on my driving record being that my last one was in 2017. Since then I have had a clean record

I worked a variety of jobs but primarily served for 3 years in the federal service in the border patrol.

I have an opportunity to have a career change and would love to be accepted into a flight program.

  1. With my record would I be accepted to flight school?
  2. If so could I realistically pass since I failed naval flight program?
  3. If I were to graduate could I become a commercial pilot?


  1. Sure. Your biggest obstacle will be getting your First Class Medical. The FAA isn’t fond of DUIs. You’ll need to jump through some hoops and spend some money but provided you can get your medical you should have no issues getting into flight school.

  2. Depends on the program? If you’re talking ATPs Airline Career Program which is HIGHLY accelerated and challenging you might have some problems as it’s very challenging.

  3. Provided your record is and remains clean you should be fine.


What do you mean by “spending money” in regards to the DUI? Are there additional classes or fees?

No, I mean you’ll go to an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) for your medical, you’ll be deferred due to your DUI and be referred to a HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) AME who will require LOTS of info and visits. Maybe some testing and monitoring.This all costs money.



You know who else isn’t fond of DUIs… Canada.

On top of that, as Adam mentioned you are going to want to invest looking into a FAA HIMS AME initially, that way you can start the process of putting attention to the past incident. You can find your nearest AME: