Question about aviation

hello I have a farm business going. and would like know I have time for the business if I go into commercial flying. the atp school is it hard to pass and good school? how much is the salary for flying?


Sounds like to have a few questions about aviation. I strongly recommend you visit the FAQ section and get an idea of the process.

As for farming and training with ATP, I’ve never been a farmer but from what I understand it requires a considerable amount of time and dedication as does ATP. Simply put I don’t believe there’s enough hours in the day. To your question if ATP is a good school, if you look up and to the left of this webpage you’ll clearly see an ATP logo. Safe to say we believe it’s the best school there is.


Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of threads here to cover your questions so take some time to browse those. But in short, it’s not wise to divide your time when pursuing flight training. If you want to switch careers and fly for a profession, atp is the right place for you. If it’s more of a side job to supplement your farming business, maybe the flex track program or even a “mom and pop” flight school would be more geared for you.



I live in a rural area and all of the farmers that I know work incredibly hard and have very little time off. Now your version of farming might differ from this, but if it does not, you will not have sufficient time to be both a flight student and a farmer or a professional pilot and a farmer. But as you know, “farming” can range all the way from milking the cows every morning and evening, to leasing out your land and letting somebody else do the work. So your results may vary.

As to ATP, all of the mentors on this site went to ATP and believe in their program, it is why we give our time to be on here. Please see the FAQ section for a detailed post on pilot salary.