Question about flight school


My name is Muna and I am one of the people that is always flying was her goal and I’m sure that one day I WILL became Pilot. A little bit of my story, after graduated from High School I don’t know how/where to start from so I decided to go to college so I can finish my general classes at least until I figured out where to start from. I also wanted to take English classes so my English get better because English is my second language. I born in Saudi Arabia.
My college had Aviation Maintenance Program so I wanted to take the chance to be around airplanes, and now I’m in my last semester of first year. the program is two years. Now I’m not sure where to go after finishing the program I just know I want to be Pilot…

So my question is what could Maintenance could help me in flying industry? or if it just a wasting time?
and what is the best flight school ?



Hello and welcome to the forum!

While you will gain a lot of knowledge from your maintenance training, it will not directly help you get to your goal of flying as a pilot. Maintenance personnel and pilots are two very different disciplines that each require very unique and specific training, there just isn’t much cross over between the two.

I personally think that ATP is the best flight school, that is part of why I am here on this forum helping people like yourself. When I was a student with ATP they delivered exactly what they promised to, on time, and for exactly what they said they would charge. You can’t beat that.

Now I suggest talking to many different flight schools and seeing which one fits your situation best. There is a post in my “Flying the Line” sub-forum called “Questions For Any Prospective Flight School”. Take a look at that as it will help point you in the right direction.


thank you for response to me! I will look at that… :slight_smile: