Question about IRA test

Hello Mentors and students,
I recently took my IRA and got a lower score than I was expecting, my score was a 78%.
Should I retake and go for a higher score? Also, does it look bad to have multiple attempts on record?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you


You’re bound to get mixed opinions on this one. To me getting a 78 and having 2 attempts on your grade sheet are about the same thing. You should expect alot of questions on your oral.

I’d leave it but make sure you do better moving forward.
Many exams at the airline level 80 and sometimes 90 is passing.


So it does look bad to have multiple attempts on record even if the second attempt is significantly better?
Does anyone have any experience with this?
Thanks for your help

From talking to DEs I know, multiple attempts are slightly better because it shows a desire to improve but I want to stress the word slightly.


Got it Adam. Thanks for a quick response. :sunglasses:


I personally would retake the exam, but not before I was consistently scoring at least a 95% or better on multiple practice exams. But as Adam said, there are differing opinions on this one. Either way, make sure you really know your information for the oral exam.


Thank you for the advice.

I’m currently studying to take my IRA in a few days. It seems like there are a lot more “tricky” questions on this than the Private written, so I hope I don’t get tripped up by those.