Question about logging time

I am currently flying at ATP through a 141 program, and it recently was brought up to me by a professor in my program that you’re not legally allowed to log time while the engine is running prior to ground movement.

This raised a major concern for me, as I’ve completed all of my training up to this point at ATP, and for every single flight (both under part 61 and part 141), the time the engine was running prior to releasing the brakes for taxi was included in the flight time. Has anyone else had a logging protocol different from this at their ATP location? And otherwise, has this presented an issue for anyone seeking employment at a regional?

Any relevant information greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


CFR 1.1: Flight time means:
(1) Pilot time that commences when an aircraft moves under its own power for the purpose of flight and ends when the aircraft comes to rest after landing

Doesn’t matter if it’s Part 141, 61, 121, 135, etc. Your logbook is yours and you should make every effort to be as accurate and truthful as possible as we’re all on the honor system. That said I’d be lying if said I’m sure there aren’t a whole lot of pilots who use Hobbs simply for convenience. This is not an attempt to “fudge” or cheat it’s just that once the plane starts moving most people are thinking of 50 things other than starting the clock. A minute here or there isn’t going to get anyone in trouble or effect your career. Do the best you can.



This is a classic example of a professor that has way too much book knowledge, and no real world experience. Using the Hobbs meter is a well established practice and is used industry wide by everybody. Just keep doing what you have been doing.


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Thanks for the clarification! I’m always very careful about making sure all of my hours are legal (i.e. not logging PIC from the backseat, not logging approaches when I’m not wearing foggles or in IMC, etc.) But logging the time from the hobbs after a flight has been what I’ve always done at ATP, and I’ve had numerous instructors and DPE’s put their signatures to that. I just wanted to make sure this practice wouldn’t cause me any problems down the road. Thanks again!