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Question about regional airlines

i plan on going to the atp in new york so i was wandering what regional airlines are available there after completing my atp program and gotten 1500 hours

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What are the perks for flying in a regional airline? I know it doesn’t pay much


While the regionals don’t pay what the majors do, I would not say that the pay is bad. Starting pay is roughly $40k these days, sometimes with additional signing bonuses on top of that. Captains at a regional can easily make $100k. Perks also include pretty decent health insurance, retirement contributions, travel and perhaps most importantly, building the flight time and experience necessary to take the next step in your career.



I second Chris here. The single biggest “perk” is you’re getting paid to fly some pretty nice equipment and getting invaluable experience flight experience flying in a plethora of conditions around North America.


Thanks guys that really further my view on regional airlines!