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Question about Schooling

Hello, currently I am enrolled in a community college going for an associates in business management and am expected to have it in one year. After getting an associates, I would get a bachelors degree in business while flying for a regional company. My question though is should I get an associates degree in general education and begin flying sooner, or stick with an associates in business and begin flying later because I would need more credits towards the business degree?


These my friend are big boy decisions that only you can make. Generally I recommend that sooner is always better but there’s a reason you chose Business Mgmt and you’re young so a few months or even a year won’t change much. Totally your call.



I would stick with your original plan and focus on the business degree. One
year is not a long period of time in the grand scheme of things, and a
business degree is a valuable thing to have in case flying doesn’t work out.


Thank’s for the advice.