Question about UPS, And relocating

Hello, I was looking around and saw that there are many regional airline companies that are owned by higher airlines such as envoy and PSA with American Airlines, and Endeavor Air with Delta. Now my question is are there any regional type airlines for companies like UPS and FedEx, and if so can you please list some. My other question is. Let’s say i wanna work for Envoy and i live in Knoxville Tennessee, and the closest base for envoy to me is DFW, would I have to relocate to live closer to the airport or would the company pay for the transportation of me getting there on a plane. Also would i have to work from the Envoy bases or are there other airports that envoy has set as their routes and from those airports i could then work from that airport?

Thanks a lot guys!
Edit: And I know that PSA airlines is based at TYS which is close to me. But im still curious about my questions. Thanks again


Cargo carriers don’t really operate Regionals like the pax operations do. FedEx however does use a number small turboprop “feeders” that operate Caravans and Shorts aircraft. There are actually quite a few (Empire, Mountain etc) but you’d really have to Google you see if any are in your area?

One of the great perks of being a pilot is the fact you never have to relocate. You did however have to get to work on time and that’s on you. If you want to fly for Envoy and their closest base is DFW you would first try and get based there (seniority and availability will dictate that). After that if you don’t want to move when you’re scheduled to fly YOU need to get to work. If there’s a direct flight from TYS great, if you have to take 2 or 3 that’s not so great but its your call. Whether to commute or not is a choice.


Alrighty thanks!