Question for former Police Officers


My name is Matt. Brand new here and currently going through the process to get started with ATP. I am currently a Police Office in Indianapolis. I have seen several other former Police Officers post on here. My question is for all of you and apologies in advance if I missed a prior post about this.

During your training, have you had any issues or delays in training due to being subpoenaed and having to appear in court for an arrest or incident you were involved in? How did you work around it, if at all possible? Thank you in advance for your response.

Hey Matt,

Former police officer here. I currently am going through trial on 2 DUI cases from 2019 haha. I told them I am not going in unless they pay me to come in. Your instructor is usually pretty good. If you have something you need to address and can’t make a flight that day, let them know and they will just re schedule. I haven’t had any issues. Just be upfront about it so they can adjust the schedule.


I appreciate the reply. I figured that the instructors would be ok with proper notice rescheduling flights but it is nice to hear for someone with experience. I have several subpoenas right now but more than likely they will plea and it won’t be an issue. Again just nice to be prepared.