Question for Peachtree City, GA location. Current or Recent Students

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Seeking some insight and information from anyone who is currently at the ATP location in PTC or, who has been a recent student of this location. Why did you choose ATP over the neighboring competitors?

There has been a surge of increased traffic at other training schools surrounding the PTC location (Flyt, AOA)? How is the attendance currently at ATP? Has this affected the enrollment numbers and availability of gaining flight instructor hours once in the position to accrue those hours needed?


Since word got out of the plot shortage and increased pay flying has become much more popular. Addmission at ATP has gone through the roof which actually caused ATP to tighten their requirements.

As for specific locations ATP works hard to standardize all their locations so every student receives the same level of training and resources. With that in mind you should choose the location that works best for you. Also keep in mind there are no guarantees you’ll be able to instruct at the location you trained at. That’s based on availability at the time you complete your training.


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I would like to say the best way to get actual insight or information for a particular location is to schedule an Admissions Flight/Training Center Tour at that location. We can’t guarantee that someone from the Peachtree City location is active on the forum.

ATP now has 81 locations, that’s almost 2.5x as many from when I started in 2020. They are growing more than ever, owning all their aircraft, over 500 Cessna and Pipers! No matter what location you are attending at ATP, you will receive the same training as someone from the other part of the country. When you enroll you are given access to thousands of resources/materials that are available at your fingertips, which are helpful in succeeding.

The pilot shortage and influx of pay has driven more of eye-lookers than I think before, ATP has recently revisited their prerequisites due to unpredicted factors, like student dropout rates or failures. ATP’s core values are always at the heart of your training: Safety-Focused Decisions, Consistent Professionalism, and Integrity with Students’ Investment. You should inquire about an Admissions Flight at the Peachtree City if that’s your interested location.


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