Questions about applying for Jobs

So recently was looking on indeed at CFI positions to just see what was posted somewhat recently and it had me thinking about when I would want to start applying for jobs. If a CFI job just requires your CFI-A would you apply before you have the certificate in hand? Or wait until after your checkride?


I would contact the flight school you’re considering and ask them. If they need someone immediately and you apply and you don’t have your cert you’re wasting their time which is generally not conducive to get hired. If however they’re looking for future openings they’ve gotten that you’re interested and you’ve got a foot in the door.



I agree with Adam here. It doesn’t hurt to build a relationship with the schools that you are applying for. Let them decide when it is most appropriate.


Perfect thank you both. That helps.

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Throwing my hat in the ring here to agree with my esteemed associates. It is always best to get your name out there and get people thinking about you.


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