Questions about ATP fast track completion

I have a few questions about completing the program.

When you finish, how likely are you to get a CFI job at the ATP you trained at? I ask because I am a homeowner and though I am willing to sell eventually, I’d prefer to wait until I am at/closer to minimums.

How much time do CFI’s typically spend answering phones before getting placed in an actual CFI job?

If ATP is unable to place you where you’d like to teach, or isn’t able to provide enough hours, are you free to CFI at other flight schools?

Thanks for the info!


ATP has recently changed their base assignment process. CFIs are now assigned directly to their preferred base. This is good for those who want to be based close to home. It’s also good for those that just want to be based at the busiest location with the most flying.

It’s up to you if you want to teach elsewhere.

I don’t believe ATP has CFIs work the call center anymore. I’ll double check on that. If ai hear differently, I will let you know.



Good questions so here’s some answers:

  1. ATP recently changed their instructor location policy and you may chose to instruct at any location you like (provided you successfully complete the program with 2 or less checkride busts).

  2. I believe the average is a month but it’s been a while for me (and Tory said maybe they don’t do that anymore?). I’m sure someone else will chime in to confirm or give current numbers).

  3. Let’s be clear on this one, you can’t always have your cake and eat it too. Many instructors had a problem with not being able to chose the location they wanted (previously ATP would send instructors where they were needed). ATP said ok, you can go where you like BUT there’s no guarantee as to the hours you’ll build. ATP also isn’t going to flood a location and hurt all the other instructors there. That means you may have to wait till your location is available AND it also could mean you won’t build hours as quickly as you like. That all said this is America and you can work anywhere you like.


What are you getting paid when you are in the call center?

Yeah Id be interested to hear about the call center thing. Id also wonder if its a requirement. ie, could I just do some non flying related freelance work while I await to be placed with a student(s).


ATP will guarantee that you can return to your training location (or any location for that matter).

CFIs no longer answer phones, that is now a thing of the past. CFIs go straight to instructing.

You are always free to leave and go teach at another school.