Questions about cadet program

Hypothetically, if I contemplating going to ATP flight school and interested in joining the Envoy cadet program, how would that work? Do I join ATP first and then apply for the cadet program (at what point would I apply) or do I apply for the cadet program first? Can you explain what happens first and what will happen in the future? If what I said made sense to you and u have an idea, please let me know. Thanks!!!

Hi Nik,

This link explains the process in more detail. Envoy Cadet Program - Overview, Eligibility, Enrolling / ATP Flight School

In short, you will interview for the Envoy Cadet Program once you are a CFI for ATP.


Thanks for getting back to me

I was on that page trying to find the answer before I posted this question, but I did not scroll down all the way. That information answered my question. Thank you!!!

You are welcome, Nik. That’s what we are here for. Let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with.



Not to be a jerk but FAA Oral Exam:

DPE: Nik explain to me bla bla bla.
Nik: I’m sorry but I couldn’t find that information.
DPE: Did you read the manual?
Nik: Yes but I did not scroll all the way down.
DPE: (shaking his head) I’m sorry Nik…

Just saying it’s never too early to start being thorough. It’s a requirement of the job.