Questions about the majors

Can you go to any majors with an associate degree? because it’s better than not having a degree and when you applied does it show a box just for a 4 yr or they also have a 2 yr? and would the majors look at you with an associates than a person with no degree??


This question gets asked daily. Applications vary. Some say what is your highest level of education others flat out say do you have a 4 yr degree. Regardless while most Majors don’t formally “require” a 4 yr degree they all definitely prefer one. Major airlines are the pinnacle of this professional with pilots at the top making over $300k yr. Getting hired is very competitive and many pilots never get there. I often ask if there are hundreds of pilots out there with solid resumes AND 4yr degrees and again the Majors DEFINITELY want you to have one, why should they hire you without? What do you have to offer that will outweigh something they clearly want that you’re lacking? The question should not be is it possible to get hired with a 2yr or no degree but what can I do to make myself as competitive as possible?

You ask “can you” and the answer as always is yes it’s possible but you’re severely limiting your options and your opportunities. To quote Dirty Harry “Do you feel lucky?”