Questions of concern

Hello everyone I’m new to the forums and had a few questions. If I’m in high school and doing good with grades so far as a sophomore, is their anything that the airlines look at from high school? Next question is whats the time long from the ATP program to the regional like envoy etc? the last question is what i can do now to help me in training? like learn charts, metars etc?

Thanks and responds can help and really wanting to be a airline pilot


The benefit to good grades is that it’ll help you get into a good college but the airlines really aren’t concerned with high school.

You can learn charts, weather and most aviation related knowledge just like anything else, by reading and studying. The FAA has a wealth of books available free online. Just Google it.

I also recommend you visit the FAQ section as that will answer many of your questions.


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thanks appreciate it


As you are still in high school, I would strongly recommend that you work on your punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. While these things do not have much to do with flying airplanes, they matter in how you present yourself to a potential employer.