Questions to ask flight program before committing?/Recommendations

Hi my name is Tee, I’m currently a senior in highschool (18 yrs old) graduating in a month. I’m pretty set on choosing aviation as my career as I don’t find any other jobs or majors in college as interesting as being a pilot. I’ve consumed a lot of knowledge from the threads on this website thanks to the pilots that are actively replying here. I see that majority are high on ATP but I don’t think it will fit with me economically nor schedule wise. My top choice right now is a program called OCFC next to John Wayne airport in CA, I’ve attended a few free ground school course that they offered and I thought it was pretty good. Are there any specific questions I should ask? Would love to hear thoughts and recommendations


My question for you is have you ever flown a small training airplane? If not before you commit to anything I go up for an Intro flight or Discovery flight. While you may believe you want to fly, until you actually go up you won’t know for certain.

As for questions you should ask:



Unless you have flight experience in a trainer, we always recommend taking a introductory lesson or more depending on your experiences. Chris has a thread that contains a lot of great questions to take forth to flight schools, which also can lead to future questions you may have, Adam shared the link for the thread.


That’s because this forum is sponsored by ATP (check the logo up top) and all the mentors are alumni of the program. That’s totally fine if ATP isn’t a good fit for you, that’s why Chris wrote up a good guide for any prospective flight school. Regardless of which school you choose to do your training, we highly recommend you continue your education with a bachelors degree. Hiring is starting to slow which makes the degree even more important.