Radio license


I’m currently a student at the Trenton location, and a pilot from Trans State came through last week and mentioned about getting your FCC license now because cost will go up and it doesn’t expire. I looked on this website, Not sure if correct website and what exactly I need to fill out to obtain it. Not too worried about actually getting this now but it was on my mind.




We were all hanging out in JAX one day bored and all decided to get our Radio Licenses. Easiest license you’ll ever get. Fill out the info and pay the fee and viola! you’ve got it. I’d start here:


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Awesome thanks!

What is the title of the license needed. I registered a while back but didn’t know which one to choose

Restricted Radio Telephone OPERATORs License.

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I read this post and it reminded me to do that. Just came in. Easiest FCC License I’ve ever gotten. I have a general class amateur license which requires mountains of tests. This one you just pay your $70 and you’ve got it! When you go to get your license, you want RR, not RL. Restricted Radiotelephone over Restricted Radiotelephone-Limited, there is a difference.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Got mine yesterday!

Found this topic about the radio op license… I applied for it and paid the fee. Now how to I actually get the physical license? Can’t seem to find anywhere to print it out… do they mail it to me?


Once your application is approved you’ll receive an email with instructions how to print it.


I would be sure to laminate it as you will need to carry it with you for the rest of your career.


@Adam thanks. I accidentally closed the page after I paid the fee and wasn’t sure if it gave directions on the next steps. Couldn’t find any useful answers on Google either.

@Chris good to know. I was considering that, but wasn’t sure if it was legal.