Radio skills and permit

Hi, any tips you can share and/or apps you recommend to improve radio skills (when not flying)? Also, at what point in the ATP training program does one apply for the “FCC radiotelephone operators permit “? Thank you!


Live ATC is a free app you can listen to different frequencies and how people talk on radios. Practicing out loud at home is probably the best way.

I don’t think ATP requires the Radio permit, but you need it for the airlines. I’d get it after you have your PVT cert. Aviation Career Mentorship on FB has a how to guide to navigate their archaic website (use group search function).

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I would recommend LiveATC for listening in on radio communications, there isn’t really anything else you could do than get exposure yourself.

ATP does not require the FCC Radiotelephone Operators Permit, that is an airline requirement. That is however a onetime fee that you can pay now and never have to worry about later on, just don’t lose your certificate or save it to your cloud/desktop.

What do you have to do to get that permit. A test? Or just an application and fee?

Application and fee. Easiest airline requirement you’ll ever get.



Here are the instructions on how to complete the application:


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It takes longer to navigate the website and figure out where to apply than actually getting the permit.