Re-taking medical exam

I just took the 1st class medical exam and found out that I was color blind. My work involves identifying colors, so I never even considered this to be an issue. I found out that there are no AMEs in my area that offers alternate color tests. But I am willing to go pretty much anywhere right now to get this done as I was able to pass D-15 color tests (taken online) and I can see the lights at the airport as the correct colors during daytime. I have put in the request to get the operational color vision test, but I am not sure when that will occur or if I want something so permanent.

My question is, I just took my medical yesterday. How do I go about scheduling another exam? Do I use the same confirmation number received on MedExpress? Do I file for a new one?


Your questions are very specific to the FAA, I suggest you reach out to them for proper guidance on this.