Reaching 1500 hrs

Once the 1500 mile mark is accomplished while being a CFI, what would be the next training module? Do you directly hire in with a regional airline? Do you need any jet experience? I see the dual prop plane as a trainer to get your multi engine rating, but not sure if you can go straight to regional’s after flying a prop plane. Thanks


Actually you can get hired by any of the regionals without turbine experience. If hired, the regional will pay for you to attend the FAA-required ATP CTP course where you will be introduced to part 121 rules, transport category aircraft systems, high altitude aerodynamics, radar, NSTB reports, CRM, etc, and you will receive 10 hours of sim.

After completing ATP CTP you will then be trained on your specific aircraft that you will be flying at the airline.


Tory- thank you for your thorough explanation. I was always curious in the transition from prop to turbine. Take care