Read, View, Do's

Quick question for other students or maybe CFIs about the Read, View, Do’s. Does everyone’s look like this? And follow up question, when my flights get pushed, does my progress carry forward? Each one of my flights and sims has had no less that 4-6 hours of reading and about 1 hours worth of videos.


I don’t have access to my old Student Extranet anymore, but this looks very familiar. Once you check off a Read/View/Do, it should mark it for future lessons as well. Typically, you will not see the same reading or video after you’ve done it once in a stage, you may see a repeat item come CFI or CFII preparation. Also, I am not sure how the 4.6 hours of read time is calculated, but I found it to be a bit shorter than it, and I’m a slow reader.



Brady is spot on. As much as it seems daunting, there are a block of flights that all share a similar lesson plan and required “read, view, do items”. Once you knock them out, it should show those items completed and result in less to do on consecutive lessons.


Perfect! Thank you!

Great to hear! That makes it a little easier to swallow.