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I’ve been searching around, looking for the pros an cons of being a pilot and how hard could it be. Since that’s something depending on my capacity, i know only my own experience will let me know :stuck_out_tongue: but, I read that you must be really good at mathematics and physics. Is that true? Basic knowledge on mathematics and physics i’m ok, but the ( REALLY REALLY GOOD AT IT) kind of scares me a little. :eyes:

Funny thing is, The past week I only read and read stuff about flying, and it’s like a 50/50
Lots of people encourage you while others are like a huge warning sing trying to discourage you as well. For me, nothing has changed. This is the first time I feel i’m tryin To pursue something that makes me feel happy. Is not Even about the money, I know is one of the reasons a lot of people try to be a pilot, but common! You’re fling a plane!, there is so much beauty in that itself that makes me respect and appreciate the career even more.

Sorry if my post didn’t make sense :grimacing: i’m new here xD also, sorry for my English, i’ll work on it soon :sweat_smile:



I disagree. You don’t need to be that great at math or physics. There’s some basic math involved in training and I guess some physics if you considering how aerodynamics work but other than that I don’t thing there is that much. Just to put it this way, I majored in English in college to avoid any math and science as much as possible

Thanks Joshua, now I don’t have to worry about it that much.


I was just reading some stuff on the internet that said the world is flat and airplanes don’t burn fuel because there’s no room for it anywhere. You can’t believe everything you read online.

While you do need some basic math skills (not just in training as Joshua said but also in actual line flying), if you can add, subtract, multiply and divide you’ll be fine.

I think if you scratch the surface you’ll find most of the naysayers never actually made it and therefore don’t want anyone else to.



So far in training the only tome I have had to use math was to make nav logs for cross country flight planning but once you know where to find the info to fill them out, the math portions easy

Thanks a lot for the information.


A simple understanding of math and physics will be sufficient. And thank goodness, because if pilots needed to be really good at math, I never would have made it.

I would not put very much credit into what the negative people on the internet say, the world is full of such negativity. Follow your own dreams and find out for y9ourself if aviation is right for you.


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Thanks Chris! I really appreciate the time you guys spend helping people get to the right path.