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Hello fellow members and admin’s!

I am currently 17 years old finishing up my last year in high school. Before I go to my question, I’d like to provide some background information about my current situation. I have a 3.85 cumulative unweighted GPA (high school) and am also an enrolled college student completing 12 units of pre-req’s with a 4.0 GPA which will significantly reduce the time needed to earn my bachelors because once I leave high school, I will be seen by Universities as a Sophomore ‘Second Semester’. I also am not born to a rich family, my father is an Electrician for the City of Los Angeles and barely makes a 6 figure salary. No matter what path I decide to embark on, a loan is absolutely necessary as I know that my parents don’t have much to help with my education. I know it will get pricey and that I’ll be stuck in dept… however becoming a pilot is my dream/passion and see it as my purpose on this planet, as cheesy as that might sound. It is almost time to apply to universities and I really need guidance. - Also I will be getting my first class medical soon -
There are a few paths I have in mind

  1. Apply to a 4 year offering flight training (PPL, IFR, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, CPL, and ATP)
    North Dakota University is very interested in having me attend their school as well as California Aeronautical University. I really want to start my flight training as soon as possible while also earning my Bachelors in Business. That is why I have looked into those Universities offering flight training as well.
  2. Attending local college and/or university while also attending a mom and pop flight school
    This means finishing up my last semester at a 2 year local college and transferring to a 4 year WHILE also earning my certifications.
  3. Attain my bachelors in business THEN start flight training (my least favorite option - I WANT TO FLY SOON!!!)

So I am very sincerely asking the elders of this group (my role models) for help. I am eager to start my journey . Your advice is greatly appreciated and valued.

Best Regards,
Khalid (Kay-Lid) Biary

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First as always the decision is yours. Personally I’m a fan of finishing your education while you’re still in “school” mode. UND is a fine school and produces some good pilots but they (as with most University aviation programs) are expensive. You’re flight training will be spread out and then after you graduate you’ll be tasked with finding a flying job to build time. While it may be your least favorite option I say get your Bachelor’s and then dive in to your flight training full time.

Btw, while you (or your parents) may not be rich, I’m sure your father works hard and has done a fine job supporting his family. His 6-figure salary is anything but “bare”.


I am currently finishing up my degree in Logistics and then will start flight training. Already I feel like I am working at taking a burden off my shoulders by getting this degree done. If you really think about it, finishing your college, then applying is more efficient as it allows you to fully focus on flying and completing your writtens. (If you do your writtens before flight training (some universities provide classes for your writtens) the better it is for you)

Hopefully this give you some insight. Great job in high school and your first semester!

Thank you for your response Adam.

P.S - I am appreciative for my fathers hard work and didn’t intend on sounding unappreciative. I only brought it up to say that I will be pulling a loan regardless.

Thank You Hosam.

Have you taken any flights classes while getting your bachelors ; If so, how many?

I haven’t taken any aviation courses as of yet, but next semester and the one after that (most likely my last semester) will consist of 3 LGAV courses which are dedicated to help future flight training prospects pass their PPL, Instrument, and Commercial writtens. Here is a pic of the course names below.

I don’t know if this will helo but last semester I was part of an Aviation Enthusiast Club that took us to 2 introductory flights and different museums which helped me appreciate the world of Aviation a bit more. Check if your school has one and it may be a great choice to get into an aviation club. (I quit going just because I didn’t have any more time as I got a new job and upcoming internship)