Real cost

I have seen the 90K dollar cost for the full program however what is the final cost after housing which is 900 a month, buying an iPad,foreflight subscription, intro flight which is $150 and the $995 dollars for securing my class so all in all what is the final cost and is it really cheaper then Embry Riddle?

Others may have more information. But from what I have heard many things can impact the cost. My friend ended up paying a couple thousand in multi engine hours due to weather.

Always expect more than advertised.

It’s going to be around 105k for everything. If you go to the website you can pull up an estimate. With the estimate you are looking around 104k to 105k for everything.

I financed everything including checkride fees and living expenses. My total was a touch over $100k (something like $100,600), and I got about $1,800 back when I finished the program. I already had an iPad and bought the headset out of pocket.

ATP is 100% cheaper. If you are flying at Embry-Riddle, you are enrolled for your BS in Aeronautical Science and tuition is about $37,000 a year before flight training, books and room and board. There is no airline requirement for a degree to be aviation related and it’s always a good idea to have a back up plan in case any medical issues arise that would prevent you from flying.

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The 995 for securing your class is a deposit. It will be put back on your card after you start school.