Reality Check on pursuit of my flying career


Good Morning Everyone- I am a Licensed Commercial pilot with Multi engine and Instrument ratings and approximately 3000 hours TT, of which 2000 is Cross Country. The largest aircraft I have flown is the DC-3 with approximately 300 hours, though I am not type rated in it. I am 73 years old and have been approached by a Regional Charter Firm to be trained on a King Air C90 as SIC and be promoted to PIC after 6 months. I have a 2nd Class Med Certificate and am currently training for my Instrument Proficiency flight check.

I have not flown for the last 25 years and was trained in the Air Force under the GI Bill with Analog flight instruments. Now everything is digital in the cockpit. Am I being realistic in trying to get back into flying at my age(considering I passed my 2nd Class Medical) and if so, are there any other requirements that I need to meet to get this job? I am passionate about flying and want to return to the occupation I love. Need your feedback on this.