Received my First Class Medical today

Greetings all,

I’ve been on this forum for almost three years now absorbing as much information as I can. As I get close to leaving the Army (December), I’m finally starting the process of getting all my things in order to start at ATP in Jan/Feb of 2021. Today I went in for my First Class Medical and I walked out with it in hand. I’m super excited to have that out of the way and plan on officially enrolling soon at either the new Minnesota location or the Phoenix - Glendale location.

This forum has been an invaluable resource and source of motivation for me, so thank you to all, especially all the pilot mentors. I’m already working on studying for the PPL written, and intend on having them all complete well before I transition out of the Army in December. I’ll be sure to update this as I officially enroll and knock out the written exams.

Also, I’d be very curious to hear about anyone’s experience at the Minnesota location once they open up next month.