Recommend Flight School?

I am a graduating high school student who will be attending college to get my BS and wants to know the best flight school to attend after. I have read a lot about ATP but many other academy’s have reached out including L3 Harris. I am having trouble deciding which one suits me best.


This question comes up often. If you search the forum you will find more information. Simply put, this is an ATP sponsored forum. So, of course we are strong advocates for ATP’s program as ATP pioneered the career oriented fast-track program and produces the largest number of pilots anywhere in the world.

That said, the right program is the right program for you. It sounds like you need to figure out what your goals are first. Then you can select the school that will help you reach those goals in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We have an FAQ section on the forum to help answer the basic questions. Once you’ve read through those, if you still have questions let us know.



ATP is the BEST flight school in the World! No need to look any further! :wink:

Years ago I had a boss who would say there is no “best” anything, if there was there would only be one and that’s the one everyone would buy. As Tory said this is ATPs site and we make no bones about the fact we’re all fans. Not because we’re salesman (we’re not), it’s because when we were in your position to choose a school it’s the one we chose. We did our research and came to the conclusion ATP was the best flight school for us. We also weren’t alone, ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for over 35yrs and has had over 500 pilots hired by airlines in the last 12mos alone (and that’s considering there’s been no hiring the last few months).

I encourage you to do your own research. Feel free to come back with any specific questions.


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Thank you both for your help. Exactly what I was looking for!


Check out the following link. It is a list of questions that you should ask any flight school that you speak to. I recommend printing out a separate sheet for each school and writing the answers down, that way you will be comparing everybody equally.


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