Regional Airline Home Base Location

Once you successfully interview with a regional airline at the 300-500 hour mark and agree to work for them once you hit the 1500 hour mark, will you have an option to choose your home base airport to fly out of? Or is this decision made by the airline, where they choose depending on the current capacity of certain bases at your time of employment? Does this ability to choose a home base differ for every airline or is this not even a possibility for regional pilots?

Any insight will be much appreciated, thank you.


Once you’re hired and start class you’ll usually bid for slots at available bases. Different airlines have different methods for determining seniority within the class (could be age, DOB, SS# etc). Now there may only be one base open which makes it simple, could be many as you said based on their staffing needs. You won’t know until it’s time so I wouldn’t sweat it. The good news is there’s so much movement in the Regionals these days chances are you can get where you want in pretty quickly.


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