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Regional Airlines that has B737 and A320 fleet

Hi all! This question might sound kind of obvious but I just want to make sure. Are there any Regional Airlines that have B737 and A320 fleet? I have 72 college credits but haven’t finish my Associates Degree. I know that US Major Airlines prefers degreed pilot applicants and I know that Major Airlines have all of those Airbus and Boieng goodies. Thanks in advance!


In the US all Airbus and Boeing airplanes are flown by major airlines and that is the way we like it.

You will need a bachelor’s degree, not an associates, to apply to the majors.


what if I have a type rating on A320 with zero flying hours, would that increase my chance of getting hired a lot faster? Primarily American Airlines?


It seems as if you’re looking for short cuts or loopholes. While I understand and appreciate your desire to get to a Major ASAP there’s a process and the process works and is there for a reason. I gained more experience flying for a Regional than I have (or ever will) at a Major. As someone who has participated in hiring what I can tell you is the airlines don’t like pilots who are looking to “beat” the system. If you think AA is going to be fooled or find you more attractive simply because you have the cash to buy a type rating you’re mistaken.

The fact is you shouldn’t even be concerned with these things at this point. You need to learn to fly first. I have no reason to question your abilities but frankly what if you’re a lousy pilot? What if you bust a few checkrides or wash out of training at a Regional? Focus on being a good pilot first and everything else will follow in due time.