Regional cadet program

I plan to apply for regional cadet program, Am I guaranteed the First Officer position after I complete their cadet program?


Provided you do well in training AND provided you follow all their conditions AND provided there are available slots, yes you will get an FO position.



Here is the wording straight from my cadet instructor agreement:

“Individuals who are hired by ‘airline’ as cadets and satisfy all of the requirements set forth may, in ‘airlines’ sole and absolute discretion, receive a conditional offer of employment as a First Officer, which if accepted, will become effective upon successful completion of an additional drug screening, medical examination, and a background check”

So in conclusion, no, you are not guaranteed anything. If you meet all of the requirements and they have open availability, yes, you will most likely be offered a conditional position. But they don’t have to. The cadet program simply offers you potential tuition reimbursement, bonuses, and a promise of possible employment if you meet all of the requirements at the end of your time building. For the airline, it gives them a rough idea of the hiring pool they have available for their first officer positions. Most regionals will hire from the cadet program first, before they hire off the street, which would be another incentive to join one in this current FO hiring market.



You may be offered a conditional job offer after your time spent as a cadet. In return as a cadet, you will spend X amount of months/years as a pilot for the company, if you accepted any monetary value and leave, repayment will be at your expense. It is important to read every contract, big and small print.