Regional CJOs


I currently hold a CJO from SkyWest and Endeavor Air. I’ve talked to the recruiting departments of both airlines about training and the other perks of working for their airline. Here is my big draw to both. SkyWest is local. I could live in base right off the bat. Endeavor has the relationship with Delta which is where I ultimately want to end up. So I guess my question is this: who has the better training program from what you have seen? Do legacy carriers even care what regional airline I fly for? Am I overthinking it?
Thanks in advance.


I don’t know who has the better training program. Why would that matter? Every regional I know has adopted the new AQP syllabus. While each regional will have slightly varying differences, the footprint is the same.

You’d have to talk to a recruiter about which airlines they prefer to hire from. I don’t think flying for any particular airline matters. Your performance at that airline and who you are matters.

Pick the airline you feel will provide you with the better quality of life. It might be the only airline you fly for. Not saying it will, but that’s how you should be thinking about it because you never know.



I wouldn’t say you’re overthinking this. It’s an important decision. The Majors hire qualified, experienced pilots, which I believe you’ll get from either so I don’t see the Delta connection being that big a perk. To me the being based close to home is huge. You’ll hear pilots say good and bad about either airline but no one has anything good to say about commuting.



I have heard pros and cons of both airlines. If Delta is your goal, I would try to fins out what percentage of Endeavour’s pilots actually go to Delta. You could always try to contact a Delta recruiter and ask. That being said, I would bet that Delta has hired plenty of pilots from both of those airlines.

I would not worry about who has the better training program, I am sure they are both fine.

I have commuted for 15 years, I would avoid doing so at all costs, but that is just me looking into my rearview mirror.