Regional level


Is there a way to have a more “9-5” job at the regional level? I recently was on a trip and the pilot was for United and he said he was home almost every night or every other. I was just curious


It’s possible depending on the Regional, their schedule and most important your seniority. Most pilots would like to be home every night so most pilots bid that. When that’s the case those trips go VERY senior. So to answer your question yes it’s possible but not for quite a while and hopefully you won’t be at a Regional that long.


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If you live in base, there are “locals”. It’s basically a 2 or 4 leg day that starts and ends in base. You can bid for those but it’s not likely you’ll get all locals. For one, they go based on seniority. Two, they aren’t very efficient so you’d still have a mix of three and four day trip to get you to minimum credit hours.



I have been with United for fifteen years. From my experience, it would be very hard to hold all single day trips, but two day trips would maybe be a possibility. Keep in mind that this is very limiting career wise as it sticks you on a domestic fleet doing short flights. You might find at some point that you desire to more than just endless EWR-ORD-EWR trips. Even if you could hold all single day trips, they will probably take longer than eight hours per day to fly them.