Regional Sign on

Hello all, I finished my training at ATP and I am currently looking at two different regional airlines to sign on with as a cadet. I was told before (by a couple instructors) that I should wait to sign on, I am wondering when is a good time (in terms of TT) to make the commitment.


What was their rational for waiting to sign on? I think when you have found the airline that you want to fly for and if you want to take advantage of tuition assistance, then I wouldn’t wait.



That’s entirely up to you. As Chris said if you know where you want to go and are ready to commit then why not? What I believe the instructors may(?) be saying is there’s no rush. If you’re uncertain or simply want to get more info then do so. Thing is once you commit and they start giving you money/benefits you’re pretty much committed. It would be a shame if 2mos from now you got some additional info or heard of a better deal. Do your research, talk to EVERYBODY and when YOU’RE ready sign your name.



There should be minimums for each airline listed on ATP’s website. Most of the cadet programs require 500 hours. I don’t know why your peers said you should wait. If you’ve met the requirements and you’ve found an airline that you want to fly for, go for it.