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Regionals vs Majors

Can someone help me define the deferences between the Regionals and the Majors? Being more clear, what airliners, cargo companys are consedered regional and which are consedered major?

This might help a little.
Regionals seem to typically hire people as soon as they hit the 1500+ hour requirement and mainly provide domestic flights. Some examples of regionals would be Envoy, ExpressJet, Piedmont, Mesa, etc.

Majors usually provide both domestic and long haul international flights. They also usually fly more advanced aircraft and require more qualifications from their pilots, but also pay more. They also sponsor many companies and teams and have a bigger influence than smaller regional airlines. Some examples of major airlines would be American Airlines, United, Delta, Korean Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways.

Hope this answers your question. Hopefully someone more qualified than I am can also supplement your question and clarify a bit more than I did.


That was a very thorough answer, thank you.
Basically the major is who a passenger buys a ticket on, the regional carriers are the “Express” airlines that operate on behalf of the major.


If you visit on the home page there’s a section “Airline Categories” where it gives you a pretty good breakdown of who’s who.


Thank you everyone it really helped a lot.

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