Religous Jewish Airline Pilot

Hi, I’ve been wanting to become an Airline pilot for years, and am aware of the cost that the training incurs. Before I invest that much capital into this, I’m wondering if I’m able to become a professional pilot considering I’m an Orthodox Jew. That would mean that I wouldn’t be able to fly Friday nights and Saturday days. I’m wondering if its possible for me to be scheduled in such a way that I would not have to compromise my religion (ie: Fly the early morning Friday flights and the late Saturday night flights)


This question gets asked from time to time and the answer is no (unless of course you could find a private owner who’d accommodate your needs which is rare). The airlines base everything on seniority and given someone preferentially scheduling for any reason (including religious beliefs) would violate the system. This has actually been tried by the Supreme Court and ruled that it’s not discrimination.