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I am set to start ATP this summer, most likely in July. I am planning on getting married in August, probably near the middle of the month. My girlfriend is set on going on a honeymoon vacation for about a week. When I told her that we may need to postpone that, she was pretty upset. Would a full week off in the 7 month program be realistic? Has this happened before?

Hi Dayson,

The fast track program is pretty intense, especially during the early stages when you are trying to build proficiency in a set of skills that are completely new to you. Any significant break will set you back quite a bit.

That being said marriage is a hugely important part of your life. And having strong spousal support will help you be more successful in the program.

It seems you have scheduled yourself a bit between a rock and a hard place. I can’t advise you to choose between the two, but perhaps you can find some kind of scheduling compromise.


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I would delay your start. Will a week off be a problem? If it’s right before a scheduled checkride it most certainly will and if you return and need additional training that will be at your expense.

Get married, enjoy your honeymoon then dive in after. You’re only delaying 6 weeks which really won’t affect your career but a checkride bust could.



Thank you both for your insight. I will find some sort of schedule compromise to avoid taking a week off. I really appreciate it, thank you!

I agree with delaying your start date as well. Both are major events in your life. If I had to choose between delaying flight training vs my honeymoon, I’d pick the one that made my wife the happiest :wink:


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Thanks! I’m going to delay the start. Appreciate your insight!

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I think that is wise. It’s only a few weeks. Besides, it will be hard to focus on starting your training with a wedding looming. It’s a huge life event with a lot of stressors and planning. You want to be distraction free embarking on this program. I think you’ll be in a better mind set and your wife will be happier if you started the program after the honeymoon with a clear head.

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Dayson I’m in the same boat as you. Not with marriage and honeymoon, but with a pregnant wife. I wanted to start this month, had everything lined up, studied this board like I was going to be tested, and decided to wait until a few months after the birth. Until then I am studying to get all of my written’s done just to try and ease the burden I will incounter when I start.

From everything people have said that have already graduated, under perfect circumstances, it’s a tough program. Don’t add anything on top to make it harder on yourself.

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Thanks for you insight everyone! That really helps!


I would agree with delaying the start date. On another note, your Fiancee is going to need to be flexible if she is going to be married to an airline pilot. There will plenty of holidays, family reunions, anniversaries, etc that you will miss as a pilot, especially in the beginning. Might be worth having a real conversation with her about the pilot lifestyle and what all it entails.


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