Thank you for answering my question! I will reach back out if i have any more.

Welcome to the forum here. As for the work history, I am not really understanding your question. The application asks for “Complete Work History”. Submitting anything less than your complete history is lying on an application and is a great way to get fired from your first airline job.

As for the arrest, were you actually arrested or just detained until your mother arrived? They are very different things, one involves a court hearing, the other does not. If you were arrested, you need to disclose it. It does not matter if the record has disappeared or not, honesty is what matters and the Federal Government knows everything.

I have no idea how your driving record will affect your chances. The good news is that it seems like you have slowed down and learned your lesson, make sure it stays that way.

One unrelated note. I would strongly urge you to begin capitalizing the word “I”. This is a basic rule of the English language and not doing so makes your writing look juvenile, even though the rest of what you write does not convey such.


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I’m confused about your entire post? Words have meaning. Read the questions and answer them (yes it’s that simple). If they ask for your COMPLETE employment history for X years then that’s what you give them. If they ask have you ever been ARRESTED, CONVICTED etc and you have you need to say so, if you haven’t you don’t. Finally if they ask about ANY MOVING VIOLATIONS then you must list them. I think what you’re experiencing is the fact that maybe you don’t look as good as an applicant as you like. While that’s unfortunate there’s def a moral in there but more important you don’t want to make things worse with lies of omission.

More important (and I fully admit it’s been a while since I’ve applied anywhere) I’m curious why you’re using Airline Apps for everything? Sure it’s easier but unless the airline states that’s their primary for applications I use the airline’s own application portal. ALL airlines want to know that you want to work for them. They also know that if you’re using Airline Apps you’re probably shotgunning a bunch of apps to a bunch of carriers. While that might be fine for the Regionals, if you’re hoping to bypass and go straight to Frontier then I would apply to Frontier directly. But that’s me.


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