Restricted ATP Through ATP Flight School?

Is it possible to qualify for a restricted ATP through ATP Flight School’s program?

Bold method has a lot of info on aviation etc. as far as I’m aware, these are the only ways to be considered for Restricted ATP. Through ATP, you can’t qualify.

The only Restricted ATP you would be eligible for through ATP flight school would be the one that is age based (which you can have at 21 and becomes unrestricted at 23) and not one that reduces amount of hours needed.

So the first post is inaccurate… ATP + ATP Flight Instructor will give you what is needed for a restricted ATP at 21 years old and >1,500 hours?


Provided you do the work and build the time sure. Working as a flight instructor for ATP will enable you to build the required time. It’s up to you to put in the hours and remain until you do.


No. A restricted ATP requires going to a four year university, getting a degree through them and conducting your flight training through them.


After two years or so of instructing at ATP, you should qualify for a restricted ATP based on age, if you are less than 23. You will not qualify for the reduced minimums.

You would also qualify for the 200 hr XC reduction for an RATP. The XC and age 21 restricted (but not both) are the only 2 I’m aware of if you complete your training through ATP.

Thanks, all!